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Stone Town Accommodation Guide


About Stone Town

Stone town is regarded as Zanzibar's capital. The town was named after the coral stone buildings, largely built during the 19th century. The town is known for its narrow alleyways, large carved wooden doors and covered balconies. The doors are part of the Swahili culture and were largely influenced by Arab and especially Indian motifs.

The large brass studs on the doors became decoration after having served as spike covers to protect the inhabitants from elephant raids during the Indian wars. The town currently houses over 16,000 people and is home to 51 mosques, 6 Hindu temples and 2 Christian churches. The people are extremely diverse and fascinating. A walk through the town will show you just how interesting the place is. On the waterfront is an old tree known as "The Big Tree". Some locals believe that Sultan Khalifa planted it in 1911. Many locals hang out here, and it is a good spot to find a driver to take you out to the surrounding islands.

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The difference between the 3 places: 
1. Mauritius: Extremely commercialised, very busy 
2. Comorres: Very nice and quiet, not hectically commercialised ... tours of the island is incredible 
3. Zanzibar: True African spirit ... people are friendly, it is cheap, VERY interesting island ... complete relaxation for a week 
We used African Encounters ( for our honeymoon 5 years ago (to the day actually), and they were brilliant. Have a look at their website, it will tell you all you need to know ... oh, and do take the ALL inclusive packages ... R2500 extra might sound like too much, but our drinks and lunch bill came to R6000 for the week" 
("LandyMan" MyBroadband Forum)

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