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Madagascar Overview


Overview of Madagascar

Madagascar is best known for its astonishing natural biodiversity brought about by years of isolation from other continents. The rare and fascinating wildlife you can enjoy on your holiday to this exotic island include lemurs of all descriptions, butterflies, chameleons, orchids, colourful bird and whales , more than enough to satisfy the most enthusiastic nature-lovers.

The scenery is breathtaking too. It varies from lush green rainforests to semi-arid desert regions. You'll see mangroves, mighty baobab trees, waterfalls and unusual sandstone formations. And for those whose idea of paradise involves postcard beaches, there're plenty of white sandy shores, turquoise-blue oceans and coconut palms swaying in the gentle tropical breeze. On a visit to this Indian Ocean island, you'll also discover friendly people with intriguing and varied cultures. Indeed, Madagascar offers something for everyone.

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