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Hurghada was, up until a few years ago, known to be a small fishing village in Egypt.  It was founded in the early 20th century and it has grown into the foremost tourist resort town on the Red Sea.  It is an international centre for aquatic sports, and there is no limit to the water sports you can partake in while there.  Snorkelling and diving are the top activities you can enjoy while in Hurghada, but there is also windsurfing, deep-sea fishing, sailing, and swimming for visitors to enjoy.  

The waters of Hurghada are warm and they are home for a variety of rare fish and coral reefs.  There are beautiful and unique underwater gardens located off the coast and they are attractions that divers and snorkellers seek out when in the city.  Visitors can also see them from glass bottomed boats that tour the area above water.  In addition to the water sports, there is an aquarium in the city that is filled with flora and fauna direct from the Red Sea as well as a museum with many interesting relics from the area and country.  

Hurghada is Egypt’s party town and is very popular with Europeans who visit the area on vacation.  Even the locals admit that the city’s nightlife is fantastic, and there are many clubs to visit and dance the night away at.  They cater to all ages and all walks of life, with many of them catering to the tourists.  With most of the restaurants located on Hurghada’s main road, they are easy to find and plenty to choose from.  The same goes for the warm and efficient service visitors find at the many accommodations in the town.  

Because of its location on the Red Sea, it is also a popular beach resort with many of the facilities being equipped to entertain families and singles alike.  Many of the beach resorts are all inclusive and offer their guests enough activities to keep them busy.  The larger resorts even feature zoos, playgrounds, bars, pools, small theatres, and discos.

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