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Ewan Opperman

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  • Position: Director

  • Born in: Germiston

  • Qualifications: Nothing to do with travel - N6 electronic eng , MCSD, A+

  • Career: Started at BA/ Comair as a ground staff member, was then transferred to Kulula as shift supervisor (2 yrs )from there moved to Virgin Atlantic where I held the position of load controller for just over 2yrs. Got offered a Sales job at Absolute Tours where I stayed for 3yrs until they closed down, then was offered a job at African Encounters have been working for the past year.

  • African Travels: Vic Falls, Kenya - Mombasa, Tanzania - Zanzibar

  • International Travels: Malaysia, France, England and Wales

  • Favorite Africa Destination: Zanzibar

  • Comments on either our product, service or company: We strive to give the best products and service to the travel industry so that our clients know that they are dealing with the best.

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