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Egypt Country Information


Fast Facts

Languages: Arabic (official), English and French
Population: 78,887,007
Capital city: Cairo
Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)
People: Egyptian 98%, Nubian, Berber, Beja and Bedouin 1%, Greek, Armenian, other European (French and Italian) 1%
President: Mohammed Hosni Mubarak
Government: Republic
Religion: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%, Coptic 9%, other Christian 1%
Climate: Desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters
Average Temp: 25°C (77°F)
Major Industries: Textiles, food processing, tourism, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hydrocarbons, construction, cement, metals, light manufactures


Most tours will include a couple of nights in Cairo. From there tourists often move down to Aswan either by train or on Egypt Air and take a cruise for 4 or 5 nights on the Nile. This is an awesome experience and you will visit almost all of the historically significant monuments along this route. There are a couple of places off the beaten track which are recommended if you are backpacking. We highly recommend that you do a Nile Cruise. From there tourists go to the magnificent beach areas of Sharm El Sheikh, Burgada or Dahab.
The entire Red Sea is magnificent for diving or just relaxing on the beach. Check out our accommodation guide for more details of the various areas. A couple of nights at the coast is a must! We can honestly say we have never seen such amazing visibility in any water ever.
The quality of the hotels in Cairo can be misleading. We would recommend that you only stay in 4 or 5 star hotels. Some of the 3 star hotels are terrible. If you are really wining it, then the 3 star hotels are fine (but anything less you do at your own peril... we are getting soft in our old age). Accommodation along the coast is magnificent. Most hotels are excellent quality, and the 4 and 5 star hotels are international standard.

The cruise boats are pretty basic. Don't expect the QE2 as they are nothing like this. They are comfortable boats with stunning decks where you can sit and view the scenes along the Nile if you are traveling in the day. Most cruises travel at night from destination to destination so the tourists can walk around during the day doing all the exploring.

For more information, please check out the Egypt Accommodation Guide.


International access to Egypt is via Cairo International Airport situated in Cairo. Direct flights to Egypt from South Africa are from Johannesburg International Airport with flights leaving (and returning) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The only direct carrier is Egyptair.

Another option is to fly via Nairobi on Kenyan Airways. These flights leave from Johannesburg International on Thursdays (only) and return on all days except Tuesdays.

Nile cruises are readily available and run from Aswan to Luxor, or from Luxor to Aswan.

Local transport is freely available and there are many taxi operators and transfer companies in and around Cairo.

Driving in Egypt is an art form best left to the experts. Even the locals struggle to keep up with the ever-changing chaos on the roads. No-one obeys any traffic rules, and you basically risk your life every time you get into a vehicle. We therefore dont recommend driving to any of our clients. Rather make use of the many transfer companies or professional taxi services. (The best alternative is to contact us and we will arrange all transfers for you).
Best Time to go to Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt depends greatly on the area/s you plan to visit. The areas south of Cairo are unbearably hot during the summer months (June to September) – and therefore much more comfortable in the winter months (December to March).

In sharp contrast, winter in Cairo can get really chilly - and warm clothes are recommended (layers work well).

November to February is Egypts high season and not surprisingly – most expensive season and its not uncommon for airlines and hotels to hike their prices up by 30%! If money is no object and you love crowds, this would be the best time to go. (The Christmas-New year period is especially popular).

From end September to end October (Egypts fall) the worst heat starts to subside and things become much more pleasant. Another plus is that the tourist season hasnt quite started, ensuring much more reasonable prices all over. The bridging seasons (October to November, and April to May) are also quite enjoyable.

Unless you can help it, avoid going to Egypt over the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims the world over undergo their annual fast from sunrise to sunset. Just about all forms of business (and leisure) grind to a halt, including many hotels and restaurants. Eating, drinking and smoking in public, although not forbidden, is frowned upon as rude and life in general becomes rather difficult. Once the fast is broken however, the streets come alive and people eat, drink, socialise and even shop – sometimes until the sun comes up!!!


Egypt has a desert climate; characterised by hot, dry summers and moderate winters. There are only really these two seasons, and only difference between them is the variations in daytime temperatures and the type and strength of the winds. Winter temperatures range between 20 and 26°C, while summers average around 30°C.

Rain isnt a big factor in Egypt and the country receives less than 80mm of annual rain in most areas. Alexandria is the wettest region and measures about 200mm a year. The humidity is high but luckily the prevailing sea breezes ensure less discomfort and are really welcome.
Communications and electricity    

Communication from Egypt is quite easy, as a multitude of internet cafes exist, with most also providing telephonic facilities. Prepaid phone cards are your best bet, as they usually offer the best rates. International cell phone roaming is also available, please contact your network to ascertain if they have facilities in Egypt.

Egypts electricity is 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second (50 Hz).
If your devices dont accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will require a voltage converter. The plugs in use have two round pins, and you might need an adapter if your plugs are different. If you plan on spending a great deal of time abroad, you might want to consider purchasing a combination voltage converter and plug adapter.


Currency: The local currency is the Egyptian Pound. The current rate of exchange (May 2006) is EGP5.83292 = US$1 (EGP1 = US$0.17144).

Youll find that converting your money in Egypt will usually be cheaper than at home, so dont stress too much about doing this in advance. You will however need to make preparations for your first 2 days (as banks may be closed due to holidays or weekends) so be sure to take some cash (US$ will do) with you to see you through this initial stage. Not many Bureau de Change or hotels accept ZAR.

While US dollars are generally accepted, flashing large amounts of this currency will identify you as a tourist and may attract unwanted attention.
Banks in Egypt:
  • Al Watany Bank Of Egypt
  • Arab Investment Bank
  • Arab Islamic Bank
  • Banque Du Cair Barclays Int'l
  • Banque Misr
  • Banque National De Paris
  • CIB
  • Cairo Bank
  • Credit Lyonnais
  • Credit Suisse First Boston
  • Egyptian American Bank
  • Egyptian British Bank
  • Egyptian Gulf Bank
  • Egyptian Saudi Finance Bank
  • Islamic International Bank
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Misr Exterior Bank
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • National Bank of Egypt
  • State Bank of India
  • The Bank Of New York
  • El Nile Bank
  • The Principal Bank for Development & Agricultural Credit

Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques
Travellers cheques arent too popular in Egypt, although the more classy hotels will accept them, as will many of the banks. Credit cards are more preferential and usually ensure a better exchange rate than the retail rate of banks and the local bureau de change.


The official language of Egypt is Arabic, although most residents have a good knowledge of English. Some important words in Arabic are:
  • Hello  - Marhaba (informal) or As-Salaamu aleikum (formal)
  • Response to hello  - Wa Aleikum as-salaam (formal)
  • How are you?  - Izzayyak? (male) Izzayik? (female)
  • I am well  - Kwayyis (male) Kwayyisa (female)
  • Thank you  - Shukran
  • Goodbye  - Ma as-salaama
  • Water  - Mayya
  • Lunch  - Al-ghada
  • Dinner  - Al- ‘asha
  • Coffee  - Ahwa
  • Tea  - Shay
  • Help!  - Saaidoonee!
  • Go away!  - Imshee!
The majority of people on the island follow the Muslim faith. Dress code to them is of particular importance and it is suggested that women try to dress fairly conservatively in order not to offend the local people. 90% of the people are Muslim, with the balance being a mixture of Roman Catholics, Protestants and Jews.


Hospitals in Egypt are not entirely up to Western standards and very few doctors speak English. Most hotels can however call a qualified doctor in an emergency, and some the larger, more upper-class hotels have their own resident doctors on call.

Egyptian pharmacies stock a great variety of medications, but you probably wont find the brand names youre used to. Ensure you have a good description of your current medication, and they will be able to supply you with a good equivalent, and usually at a cheaper price as well. Most towns have pharmacies, but youll only find emergency outlets (open 24 hours) in the big cities.

Always ensure that you have adequate medical insurance for your travels.


Egypt is most known for its amazing pyramids and beautiful ancient artifacts, and youll be spoilt for choice amongst the many temples, structures, royal palaces, museums and vaults. Of these wonderful attractions, some of the most popular ones include:
  • The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
  • Abu Simbel
  • Temples of Karnak
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Lake Nasser
  • Museum of Islamic Arts
  • Egyptian Antiquities Museum
  • Luxor Temple
  • Siwa Oasis
  • Hurghada
  • Felucca on the Nile
  • Medieval Cairo
These could easily keep you busy for weeks, and then you wont even have scraped the surface. Very few countries have such a treasure of ancient artifacts and structures stretching back 7000 thousand years. No wonder people return year after year to discover yet another region or facet of this amazing country.

But Egypt also has a great deal of other attractions, such as its markets, beautiful landscape and culture-rich towns. The Nile itself is a must-see and if you can incorporate a cruise on this life-giving river, we definitely recommend it.

Travel Tips

What to pack
Clothes these should be light and comfortable, especially if youre planning to do a lot of sight seeing, in which case comfortable shoes are a must as well. Pack light as you may end up carting your luggage all over the place. Light cotton shirts, blouses and skirts work well as you can simply rinse them in your hotel room basin and hang out to dry (saving you on those steep laundry fees).

A jersey or windbreaker is recommended for those winter nights (just in case), although – if youre planning to visit Cairo in winter – dont be fooled as it can get really chilly. Women are "frowned upon" for wearing revealing clothes. Mini-skirts are a definite no. Try to wear shorts (no not hot pants) or a long skirt, and try to keep the shoulders covered. A hat and sunglasses are a must as the sun can be very harsh.

Travel Insurance
It is imperative that you have travel insurance. Even though they do not check any certificates when you enter the airports, for your own peace of mind, make sure that you are adequately covered.
Crime in Egypt

The crime rate in Egypt is low. While incidents of violence are rare, purse-snatching, pick-pocketing and petty theft do occur. Travellers are strongly cautioned not to leave valuables such as cash, jewellery, and electronic items unsecured in hotel rooms or unattended in public places. Unescorted women are vulnerable to sexual harassment and verbal abuse.
Entry Requirements    

South Africans require a visa for entry into Egypt but they are free of charge. These are obtainable from the Embassy in Pretoria, or we can arrange them for you.

Its advisable to obtain your visa from your nearest Egyptian embassy or consulate before departure, but if youve run out of time you will be able to obtain one at the Airport in Cairo or at the Port of Alexandria (some restrictions may apply). Visas cost US$15.

Possibly one of the most important requirements, although not a pre-requisite - is travel insurance. Visitors must make sure they are adequately covered. If you are unsure about what you should take out, please contact us and we will gladly help you.

Contact African Encounters on 0861 114 645 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

African Encounters is a tour operator run by travelers like you. We know & love Africa and believe that the African continent is there for everyone to exerience. From the rural townships to the lap of five star exclusive luxuary, our partnerships in Africa are unrivaled. We guarentee you the best holiday deal. Booking your honeymoon, holiday, safari, dive or beach holiday. We will make your dream vacation happen.

10 Travellers Comments
Written by Celeste Lochoff and Aisling O'


I would just like to say thank you. I sent my mom on a trip to Egypt for her 50th birthday present, and she can not stop talking about what a fantastic time she had. She said Excel tours were wonderful in looking after them all the time too.  
I hope to book another adventure with you soon.
Written by Adhira Ramharry

Egypt - Coral Package 5*

The trip was awesome and the service we got was even more so!! WE especially appreciated the patience that the Nehad - handler in Cairo - had with us. He treated us like family and royalty!!! 
They regularly checked up on us to make sure we were okay and arranged whatever we wanted. 
Everything was perfect and the staff did everything to make our trip as perfect and pleasant as possible.The one piece of advise that you gave us was true though with regards to booking tours at the other end which can be very misleading.  
We have done a fair bit of travelling and have to commend you on being the most professional and likeable agency we have ever travelled with!  
We are really grateful to you Farzanah for being so nice and giving us such a memorable trip! 
Kind regards 
P.S Could you please give us a list of other places that you offer tours to
Written by Trevor and Gillian smith

Egypt - Coral Package

Hello Farzanah 
Our holiday to Egypt exceeded all our expectations. The ground handler were fantastic. They were always waiting to meet us at our destinations, and fetched us for transfers or tours at the arranged time. All their representatives went out of their way to assist us and make our visit truly memorable. All the guides were excellent and shared so much knowledge with us. 
We were very impressed with Egypt Air. All our flights took off and landed on schedule, their staff were friendly and helpful. 
The hotels we stayed in were excellent, the food fantastic, a wonderful selection at every meal. 
The Nile cruise was great, our ship was excellent, the food delicious, the cabin spacious and comfortable. The tours to the various Temples were well arranged and our guide extremely knowledgeable. 
We enjoyed the resort at Hurghada , wonderful facilities, excellent meals. The snorkelling trip to Giftun Island was wonderful and we saw a many varieties of fish and were lucky to see Dolphins close up. 
Please pass on our good wishes to Ahmed in Cairo and Abdu in Hurghada. 
Finally a massive thank you to yourself for all you put into the preparation for the trip which in turn made the experience extra special. 
Thanks again,
Written by Gill Davis

Zanzibar - Coral Rock

We had, as usual, a wonderful time in Zanzibar. The handling of all our travel was perfect, we were collected on time from the airport and received without any issues at Coral Rock. Coral Rock again proved a perfect laid back getaway with the staff remembering us from last year and showing their joy with hugs and greetings.  
We did not get the "new" rooms which we were expecting, but settled in to what we were given without any problems (this would probably be an issue with folk who thought they had secured certain rooms, especially those who have been to CR before).  
There are certainly areas which could still be improved upon i.e. the breakfasts are still very bland and the "out of stocks" of common drinks could also prove an irritation to those who lack patience. I would so love to be given the job of sorting out the "little issues" which would turn CR into an even more amazing venue like renewing all the bed linen which has now seen it's day as have the mattresses, increasing the size of the kitchen so that the food comes out more speedily, etc. But saying all that Florina, the place has a special spot in our hearts and sometimes change makes destinations like these just like "all the others" - we go there because it's so laid back and we always feel as though we've been away for months so perhaps it's the kwirky uniqueness that gets into our hearts and souls, not to mention the incredible beauty of the place. Neil Cave, the owner, is an amazingly helpful, kind person whose main aim is to make the guests feel at home and to do whatever it takes to ensure that they have an unforgettable time.  
Thank you Florina for the follow-up - you will be hearing from us again and too from other relatives who have seen the pictures and are already planning to go next year.  
Written by Cathy Reck

Zanzibar - Coral Rock and Amaan Bungalow

Our holiday was fantastic! 
Kilima Kidigo : run by twin sisters, Afrikaans speaking, from George in Western Cape. They could NOT have done enough to make our stay more comfortable and enjoyable. The room was very comfortable with enormous king size bed and the aircon worked just fine. Although the guest house is only 2 years old, they are renovating the bathrooms to a higher standard and putting in fresh municipal water as the tap and shower water is sea water at the moment. The food was good - better than at Amaan. You eat all meals in the beach bar in summer. The sea swimming is not great as very tidal but it is fine to swim when the tide in. The beach was Filthy - lots of plastic pollution, plastic bottles/ bags and seaweeds. They tend to keep the beach in front of them clean, as does the Italian Hotel next door. The Italian Hotel has an awesome pool and the owner is so fond of the twins so he lets their guests use his stunning pool and pool loungers to lie on under the palms. Fantastic. Dina, the main twin, arranges anything - from dow trips to the reef, to snorkelling, to trips to Stone town - anything. Nothing is too much. They took pictures of us and put them on a cd for everyone. It was great. If I had to be negative, I would say: I would prefer to be somewhere away from South African culture and South Africans. I would like to have had more of the Zanzibar feel. But, this is a personal thing. They did all say that Coral Rock is horrific since the previous manageress left so I am glad we did not get in there. 
Amaan - we were collected without a hitch by Exotic tours and had a most comfortable drive up to Amaan. Amaan was a bit of a shock but then being one star, we kind of expected it. The place is big but the sea rooms are lovely with big balconies. We did not like the room they put us in and they were amazing! They showed us about 5 other sea facing rooms and let us have our pic. All freshly painted, new aircons (quiet), nice bed (dreadfully dirty pillows under the covers), and nice decks. Generally the place is SHABBY and dirty outside, littered. The stairs down to the sea broken (I twisted my ankle on it). The restaurant is awful. The breakfast even worse. The setting - awesome. Value for money - very good.  
Lots of places to walk to and to eat at. We walked a lot to the beach at Plan Hotel (a Swiss venture - they have built Mapenzi Beach Club and another one- website is My next trip will be to this one on Nungwe - all meals and drinks included in the rate - beach and pool spotless as can be expected from the Swiss and the Sea Swimming the best on the island - clear waters and loads of fantastic snorkelling just off the edge. Out of Season is 1 April - most of the Hotels had already closed for the 3 month wet season but this one stays open all year. So, I am saving for that already...!! 
I can't thank you enough for arranging our trip. You were amazing and thanks to you, everything went without a hitch! Thanks a ton!!!
Written by Mr and Mrs Geldenhuys

Egypt Coral Package + Stella Di Mare

>Hi Farzanah 
Hope you are well. It was a shock to my system to come home to such cold weather. The weather in Egypt was amazing and I have a cool tan to show for it. 
Our stay in Egypt was fabulous, we couldnt have asked for a better holiday and it was also our anniversary. 
Where do I begin, first I want to thank you for putting together the holiday and package and for dealing with the date changes. 
We were really happy with everything excepting the hotel in Ain Sokhna. I will not recommend anybody to that hotel. I have filed a complaint and the front Office Manager, Adina, at the hotel has it as well as Mina of your ground handler in Cairo. 
Apart from that everything was absolutely fantastic. 
Mina was / is a star, he is so friendly and helpful and his knowledge of Egypt is amazing. We learnt so much from him and he went out of his way to sort out the one constant problem we had with all our hotel bookings. We always got a smoking room and two single beds. I know you requested a double bed and non smoking. In the end we were accomodated by the hotels and the cruise ship. 
Mina sorted out the problem at Ain Sokhna and made the arrangements for us to be collected and transported back to Cairo to the Oasis Hotel. 
Oasis hotel in Cairo is very nice and staff are very friendly and helpfull. It is a pity that it is so far outside Cairo itself. The food is great. 
MS Zeina the cruise on the Nile, WOW what an experience. We had temperaturs of 48-52, thank heavens for the pool on board. The staff were all friendly and helpful and the food was excellent. We had a wonderful time on board and didnt realise how big the Nile was in places. 
Hurghada, Sea Star, this gets the gold star and award. I will recommend anybody to go there. There is nothing you can find fault with, on the beach, fantastic staff, excellent food everything was great. We arranged a snorkelling package for the day with Wael through your ground handler and it was worth every cent, it was amazing. The guides we had on the boat were excellent and they knew there diving safety. My husband and I are both scuba divers and know how important safety is. They were fantastic. To swim and snorkel in the Red Sea was undiscribable. We took photos underwater and I must still have them developed. 
The train from Cairo to Luxor was an experience, nothing wrong with it at all. The food was good and the sleeping accom was good. 
I could write pages and pages on Egypt and the fantastic service we received and how much we loved it. We are planning to go back to Hurghada, hopefully next year to do a live aboard diving holiday. So if you have any contacts or packages keep me in mind. 
I would really appreciate it if you could send our warmest thanks and appreciation to the ground handler in Cairo. 
Mina was amazing. 
We had Rehab as our guide for the Pyramids, Sphinx and Cairo museum, she was fantastic and her knowledge is endless. She has real passion for her work and gets along with people really well. 
Our guide we had for the cruise was Tarek. His knowledge and history of the temples and Egypt is endless. He was our replacement guide as the first one we had couldnt really speak English and Grant and I couldnt understand him. There again our complaint was taken care of immediately and we went on. Tarek is an amazing person. At Luxor he took us out in the evening and showed us around, out of his own. We really formed a friendship with him during those 3 days. It was sad to say goodbye to him. 
Overall, we had an amazing team of people who guided us, took care of us and transported us. If I could do it all again I would, except the Ain Sokhna part. 
We would like to thank African Encounters - Farzanah Amod, the Ground Handler in Cairo - Mina , Rehab and Tarek, you made our holiday and absolute dream come true. Through our travel and experiences we formed a friendship with each one of these amazing people and we hope to see them again. 
Farzanah if you require any more info please let me know, as I said I can go on forever. 
Thanks for everything 
Best regards 
Tania Geldenhuys & Grant Magee
Written by Shehnaaz De Vries

Tut Ank Amon 4*

Hi Farzanh,  
It was an absolutely fantastic experience. The service of the tour operator received was fantastic (better than any I have received back home).  
I have a suggestion though ... in their information brochure they should include something on the tipping that is expected and a guideline of what is acceptable not just for the cruises hotels but especially for when dealing with the locals when they are assisting you in any way. For example, how much do you tip the porters at the airport when they insist on carrying your baggage? And maybe just describing how you are expected to tip almost everybody!  
Other than that, it was a great journey and I won't hesitate to travel with African Encounters again.
Written by Rawheath Roark

Egypt - Coral Package

Hi Farzanah. I must apologise for the very delayed response. After our last chat, I did promise my comments in writing.  
First off, I would like to get my concerns out of the way. There aren’t many and they are certainly no reflection of the service I received from African Encounters. It is more for your awareness, as it deals with the agents you currently deal with in Egypt i.e. Ground operator. As you cautioned us, the Tour operator in Hurghada did try to overcharge with optional tours but we quickly resolved this.  
Also, on the day we got to the cruise boat, the operator did offer us a few package deals for certain tourist hotspots in Aswan which were in our opinion also overpriced – however, no harm done as we turned him down.  
Tourists have to always be weary as the locals will try to make a buck off you – which is expected.  
Another note of caution would be that you have to be careful with the currency in Egypt as the notes all look similar and the traders will try to swap your higher value notes for lesser valued notes. 
On the whole, especially with regards to the service in Cairo, and in transit, we were more than satisfied with the operator. They were almost always on time and very courteous. They went out of their way to make us comfortable and provided a personal touch.  
The same can be said for the Cruise. It was an absolute pleasure and every effort was made to get us to our daily tours on time and in comfort. Our guide Mina was a real sport and was very patient and gracious. The Galebiya night was a hit! 
And now more importantly, 
I would like to thank African Encounters for their fantastic service. I have once again found it an absolute pleasure dealing with the company.  
On this trip in particular, most of the credit should go to Farzanah for being all that one can expect and beyond from a travel specialist.  
You are a treasure and have gone above and beyond to ensure that every little need we had was addressed. It is difficult in these times to come across someone with such a positive energy and attitude which was a breath of fresh-air and a pleasure. I am only sorry that it took me this long to put it in writing.  
I travel regularly, but have yet to meet a person who has the “right stuff” like Farzanah has for making the journey worthwhile. 
Thank You. 
Rodger, its always a pleasure. When I need to arrange a trip to the Serengeti, I will be sure to contact you. Only wish I could deal with you guys on other international destinations as well. But In Africa - you guys are my first choice! 
Till next time…
Written by Diana Prosser

Zanzibar- Karafuu Hotel

Hi Melinda! 
Thanks - we had a GREAT time!! A really good experience and there are a view things I'd like to mention that you could maybe pass on to future travellers there. 
Further down Karafuu beach there is this amazing sea food restaurant called The Rock Restaurant which is literally located on a rock just off the beach. You have to swim out to it at high tide and can just about walk there at low tide in the evening. We had two amazing sea food meals there for the equivalent of R80 per meal with drink and it was well worth venturing off the resort to try something new foodwise. We promised the owner that we would help spread the word about it. Very basic place but a really great experience! (pics attached)  
The ground handler wasn't really able to negotiate good rates for the tours as he was stuck to the prices his office instead of spending $85 for a trip out to see the Dolphins, snorkel and have a seafood braai ....we managed to get a better rate of $50 for the trip with the Hotel Liaison who was negotiable. He also halved the cost of doing a combined spice tour and Stone Town visit (we paid $30 instead of $60)  
There are only 2 alcoholic cocktails which form part of the fully inclusive menu - we got around this by just getting the barman to add local spirits to the non-alcoholic cocktails as well to give us some diversity and that worked pretty well! :) 
I went to Mauritius last year and if I had to compare the 2 countries I would say Maurtius is far more commercial and more luxurious but I had a better experience in Zanzibar. So if you were advising clients which one to chose then I would say that if you want a more luxurious accommodation go to Mauritius but if you want a true African experience then go to Zanzibar. I loved both but really enjoyed the African experience Zanzibar offers and the locals are just so friendly. You really feel safe there. 
Thanks so much! All in all an amazing trip!
Written by Liga Krumina

Zanzibar- Karafuu Hotel

Good Morning, Nicolien! 
I just came back from wunderfull holidays in Zanzibar. I want to say thank you, everything was perfect, all the transfers(good suprise was bottle of water to drink and a wet towel to wash hands in a shuttle after landing), guided tours that I choosed, hotel was very good, everything clear and nice, friendly staff, good food. 
Endless sun and warm amazing blue ocean water - hm, that wasnt in your responsibilities but still worth to mention :) 
So, Im glad that I choosed your agency! 
ps. Little thing that I wanted to ask - maybe you have some email address for Neptune hotel managment, as I was travelling there alone, and they really was doing anything so im not getting bored there. It was really nice. And the problem is that I didnt have a chance to say thank you for them, and now I feel a bit guilty :) 
pss.thanx again

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